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Women Steering Business

Women Steering Business is a nonprofit group out of Dallas, TX, of civic-minded business leaders who are dedicated to developing future female business leaders. They do this by funding livestock sales from young women who use the proceeds to advance their own education and vocational opportunities. Members of the organization are diverse, ranging from young women just starting their careers to successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and retirees. What they have in common is a desire to help future female leaders pursue their educational and vocational dreams.


Brookwood in Georgetown

Brookwood in Georgetown is a very “out of the box” innovative vocational community for adults with special needs where everything they make is sold in a beautiful high end gift shop, cafe and greenhouse. They want to change the way our world views this population by taking the "status quo” of providing these individuals with custodial care to these individuals creating beautiful, marketable items to sell to help sustain the vocational community they enjoy everyday. They have become artisans, bakers, gardeners, card makers, jewelry makers, and more.


The Ladder Alliance

The Ladder Alliance serves between 300 and 400 women annually. The mission is to provide women victims of domestic violence and low-income women with the tools to lead self-reliant, independent and successful lives.